Ksenia Zhuleva

Born in Moscow, Ms. Ksenia Zhuleva started her music education at the age of seven. She graduated with honors from Academic Music College, (associated with the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory) where she was the recipient of the prestigious E. Bystritskaya International Scholarship for the most promising and outstanding young musicians. Ms. Zhulevawas also the recipient of “The Premiere” Ensemble of Soloists Scholarship. In 2003, Ms. Zhuleva entered the Moscow State Conservatory as a student of Professor Alexandr Bobrovsky. Upon the same year, she was accepted as a member of the Russian National Orchestra (RNO) under Mikhail Pletnev. As a member of the RNO over the next seven years, she participated in many recordings on several prestigious recording labels, including Deutsche Grammophon and Pentatone.

Also in 2003, Ms. Zhuleva was appointed as the violist of the Rusquartet, a professional STRING quartet under the Tutelage of Dmitry Shebalin (from the Borodin String Quartet). For the next seven years Ms. Zhuleva toured with the quartet throughout Russia, Europe and Canada. During that period, the Rusquartet was awarded honorary diplomas and certificates of excellence. Ms. Zhuleva has won numerous competitions in Europe, including the International Quartet Competition held in honor of Shostakovich’s 100th anniversary in Rheinsberg, Germany in 2006 and the prestigious Shostakovich International Quartet Competition in Moscow in 2008.

Before graduating with high honors from the Moscow Conservatory in 2008, Ms. Zhuleva performed in major concert venues in Moscow, such as the Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, as well as in Germany, Italy, France and Canada both as a Soloist and as a member of the Rusquartet.